We are creating today to remain for centuries
Casting an object into the required shape, we create elements of décor for your indoor and outdoor environments.

We work for the people who value elegance and harmony, pay attention to high quality, who have good taste and are able to analyze.
Non-standart Solutions
Base metal blacksmiths put their hearts into, flowing through fire in furnace and through their own hearts, becomes a non-ordinary object full of positive, good energy, and bringing aesthetic pleasure.
As a result, our customers understand that we are making something bigger than elegant metal items.
From idea to creation
Traditions of blacksmithing

Reputation of a professional craftsman was always appreciated by connoisseurs. As a rule, known craftsmen stamped their items. Stamp is our responsibility before customers for excellence of our items. It symbolizes our company’s name and logo.
is first of all people who are fond of their work.

Improving their craftsmanship throughout the years, they feel metal as their own bodies. Their craftsmanship and experience bring a predicted result.
The combination of traditional blacksmithing, the latest technologies and unique engineering ideas has a formula of “PYSANKA”’s successful projects in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, The Netherlands, Poland, Kazakhstan,
Serbia and other countries for 25 years. Tens of copyrights and inventions are the proof of continuous striving of the employees for the improvement of their craftsmanship.
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